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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  December 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lives on. >> they ended up hugging it out, thank goodness. >> that was hot 99.5's sarah frasier. plenty ahead, weather, traffic, all your top stories. fox 5 news continues right now. we take a look outside on this wednesday morning on december 14, 2011. our view from tower cam high over northwest d.c. thank you for being with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm maureen umeh. welcome to fox 5 morning news. a beautiful day out there today. not too cold. >> sounds like it might warm up. >> it will definitely warm up but there are going to be more clouds than there were yesterday. >> not many around yesterday. a beautiful day. >> yesterday turned out to be gorgeous. even overnight tonight, the temperature not quite as cold as they were yesterday so all in all, we are headed in the right direction in you hike the warmer weather. no real signs of any winter weather in the next five to seven days so we're kind of steady as she goes here.
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we will have more cloud cover. you see the milky white there on your picture. that is the cloud cover moving through. i think during the morning hours, we'll see some sunshine but particularly this afternoon as our frontal system starts to approach and the warmer air tries to get in here, we'll have more and more in the way of clouds. it will be mostly cloudy in the afternoon. 40 in washington. that is about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday at this hour. 33 at dulles. 34 at bwi marshall. yesterday, we had teens and low 20s. more clouds than sun. mild afternoon, 50 degrees. we should be dry today. no need for an umbrella. you will need that tomorrow. details on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. let's get a check on your traffic with julie wright. >> we are off it i aquiet start right now. overnight construction has cleared on the beltway each way traveling between college park and 270. no incidents to report if you are traveling that top stretch making your way past university boulevard. the outer loop still at speed. you can see the copes and
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barrels have been moved out of shoulder. no problems to report right now at the wilson bridge. traffic is flowing freely right now eastbound on 66 coming in from fair oaks headed in towards vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. all eyes are on the senate today after lawmaker in the house passed a payroll tax bill. the plan will extend unemployment benefits and keep the social security payroll tax at a lower rate and also extend payroll tax cuts and avoid what amounts to a tax increase on the middle class. >> the house is listening. we've passed a large bill that contains many of the priorities of our caucus and the white house. we've worked to find common ground. >> we already know this bill is dead. we need to begin real negotiations on how to prevent a thousand dollar tax hike on american families. the sooner we get this vote,
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the sooner the negotiations can begin in earnest. >> the house passed it. the senate likely would not show. this is appear amendment that would force work to begin on the keystone pipeline. president obama says he will veto any bill containing pipeline provisions. another big story. the in the transportation safety board wants you to put down the cell phones and other electronic gadgets when behind the wheel. fox 5's stacy cohan is live in alexandria with more on this recommendation. >> reporter: god morning. unfortunately, there have been some devastating accidents across the country that have been blamed on distracted driving and that is what is prompting the national transportation safety board to make this dramatic recommendation. we are told when you are texting while driving, that takes your eyes off the road for about five hours. if you are driving at highway speeds, that is about 100 yards of driving while you are not
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looking. distracted driving is being called. the ntsb is recommending that all cell phone use entirely be banned while you were driving. >> no parent wants their teen driver texting or talking on the phone while they're driving. what better way to demonstrate that that is risky behavior than to model the right thing and for par parents and others to put down their phones, top stecking and focus on driving. >> reporter: distracted driving has made headlines for years. about seven years ago on the gw park way, a bus driver crashed while talking on the the phone and nearly a dozen kids were injured. two people were killed recently in a misi-5 pile-up in missouri. that happened last euro. it was blamed on a teenager who was texting and driving. while this is just a recommendation, the ntsb is hoping it will catch o acoveredding to a federal study, at least one out of every 100 drivers are texting or e-mailing at any given time out there on the roads. scary statistics.
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>> thank you. a california congressman pushing to get occupy d.c. protestors out of mcpherson square. representative darryl issa sent a letter to the exterior secretary saying demonstrators are ruining the park and that the national park service should be enforcing the no camping rule. just last year, more than $400 how in taxpayer stimulus money was spent refurbishing mcpherson square. some people living and working nearby agree with issa. >> it used to be our park, a center piece of this neighborhood and it is no longer a friendly or safe place for us to go. >> obviously, there will be some wear on the ground due to the structures that we erect and it will take a little while for the grass to regrow. but other than that, it is just grass j demonstrate ours are not require to have a posterior mitt in the crowd we haps under 500 they are not camping by law if they are not sleeping in the tent. jerry sandusky waived his right to a hearing yesterday. the hearing would have included
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testimony from at least some of sandusky's reported victims of sexual abuse. now, prosecutors will have to charity evidence against sandusky faster and will not raise his bail. two penn state administrators will be in court for their pretrial hearings on charges of perjury and failure to report under the child protective services law. a maryland woman has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for a deadly hit and run. eurita davidson was convicted of negligent homicide and dui in the october 2010 crash that killed keela ryan. ryan was out celebrating her 24th birthday when davidson hit her in dupont circle. davidson was also fined nearly $5,000. new information on the gun used in last week's deadly shooting at virginia tech. police say the gunman, ross ashley, bought the 40 caliber handgun legally. he bought it back in january police say from a licensed virginia gun dealer.
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investigators say they still have found no link between the 22-year-old gunman and the police officer derek crouse. crouse was gunned down on the campus last thursday during a routine traffic stop. ashley then shot and killed himself. holiday shopping turns tragic. the latest on a grenade attack. plus a police car up a pole. yep, we'll show you. world reknowned jewels once owned by elizabeth taylor sold at action. how much did they fetch? we'll tell you. stay with us.
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i sweated the details.
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we're following new information about a deadly attack. police have found the body of a woman at the home of a man who yesterday unleashed a horrible attack on a crowd of shoppers. the man throw a grenade and opened fire on the city square. four people including the gunman were killed in the attack. belgium's prime minister says this is a random act and not terrorism. a police car defying gravity propped up on a pole. here you go. it is actually a miami police cruiser up a light pole hanging by a wire literally. the officer veered off the road when he tried to pick i'm pen that he had dropped while
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behind the wheel. the accident knocked out power to people living in the area. the officer was not hurt. -- he tried to pick up a pen. an auction featuring elizabeth taylor's jewelry is raking in big bucks, so far about $116 million. that is more than trouble the record if a single collection. taylor's belongs went on sale last night in new york. some of of the high profile items include her 33 carat diamond ring, a gift from richard burton and her charm bracelets. one woman's interesting case involving shredded paper. are city inspectors going too far in enforcing the recycling law. it's story you will only see here on fox 5. >> we have mild temperatures to start your day and more clouds in the forecast. i will have all the details on that for you and julie wright has a look at your jonbenet. - - julie wright has a look at
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your on-time traffic. we have it all coming up in just a minute. 
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. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. take a look from our tower cam, you can see the national cathedral out there in the distance. things looking pretty good today. weather-wise, otherwise, whatever you want to do, i think it will be a great day for that. getting over that hump week slump. >> the weather is cooperating. >> i think so. >> no problems at all today. we will have more cloud cover than yesterday. yesterday turned out to be absolutely beautiful with temperatures in the low 50s with sunshine. today, we'll keep the 50s but we're going to lose the sunshine. that is the trade-off. >> can't win them all j won't be a bad day. let's get a look at your current numbers and temperatures across the area. generally eight to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday so fairly comfortable. it is december after all. we've got some temperatures down to the freezing mark. but 40 here in washington. that is not terrible. 36 in quantico at the moment. 32 now at the full court pressing mark in gaithersburg. parts of the area will get close to the freezing mark. dulles is currently 33.
5:16 am
manassas, you are below freezing at 30 degrees. hagerstown, 36 and martinsburg, 37. i mentioned temperatures back in the others today. it should be a decent day today. we will have more cloud cover. that being said, when all is said and done, i think the conditions will stay dry. i know it looks a little more ominous than it is because we have high pressure which will block this main event from getting in here today but some of of the cloud are going to spill across the mountained. there is your sentinel sat rad and again, this is a warm front and you will notice the win shifting later this afternoon out of the south and southwest. that will allow the warmer and slightly more humid for december air to move in. the rain should hold off until tomorrow. we have a come nation of warm front and cold front tomorrow. that-- we have a combination of warm front and cold front tomorrow. that will bring us the rain. we'll have mostly cloudy conditions this afternoon and then by tomorrow, late morning early afternoon, we'll get rain
5:17 am
showers back in here before a cooldown starts to the weekend. more clouds than sun today. we might get a little sunshine this morning. mile afternoon, 52 your daytime high. not bad at all for this time. year. winds out of north at about five miles per hour. mostly cloudy. i'm going to change that. a mild night. 4 # your overnight low. most of the area should be in the upper 30s and low 40s for your overnight. showers around tomorrow, particularly tomorrow afternoon. -- 43 your overnight low. sunshine, dry, that is not bad. 46 on sunday for all your shopping. that is a look at your weather forecast. let's do some traffic. julie wright has the latest. >> let's take you out on the northbound 395. that is where we had a little incident here starting to move over to the shoulder as you guys travel northbound working your way past duke street headed up towards seminary road. you are maintaining speed as you work your way from edsall
5:18 am
road. eastbound nix not looking so bads a travel in from fair oaks headed east towards 123. coming across the american legion bridge, light traffic volume on both the inare loop and outer loop traveling between tyson and 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it is the law in the district of columbia that everyone must recycle but are city inspectors going too far. we are learning about a smelly case from i district resident who has been fined thousands of dollars for not recycling shredded news paper she puts in her cat's litter box. matt ackland has this one for us. >> reporter: several time a week, patricia white shreds old jrchg mail to use as i replacement for the cat litter.
5:19 am
eight times patricia has been fined, more than $2 how in total, all for placing the soiled paper inside her trash instead of the recycling bin. when patricia wrote to the trash inspector, she says the inspect air admitted to digging through trash candz looking for violations. >> i'm sure they're trueing to get at everyone needs to recycle as much as possible but digging through trash and even like a single can or in this case paper that is contaminated with paper waste, that is not what recycle laws are supposed to be about. >> reporter: patricia appealed the fines and stood before d.c. judge audrey jenkins who sided with the inspector. >> it doesn't sound right although it must have happened because she got the fine. >> reporter: jack evans says dpw inspectors are going too far and demanded a meeting with the director of the demeanor to -- of the department to talk about this he is case. earlier this year, he got
5:20 am
involved when inspectors were handing out numerous fines in ward two. the owner of a hardware store was fined hundreds for a soda can in her trash. >> it seems rather bizarre. >> reporter: patricia says she is going to try peal her case one more time. she has gathered pictures, studied the law and even has the support of her neighbors. she says she is speaking to us to point out the extremes inspectors are taking to fine residents with a judge backing them up. >> she didn't believe me. she didn't believe me. so again, that is why i have to prove that this is contaminated and can't be resigneled. >> patricia says she recycles everything she can. she can't see putting animal waste in a recycling bin is
5:21 am
right thing to do. one of the tickets was recently upheld. all i want from you is one thing. >> colin firth sits down with kevin mccarthy to talk about his latest role. stay with us. us. . hi. i am in germany. i to say happy thanksgiving and happy new year to my daughter valerie, her daughter, angelina, my son martin and valerie's husband, angel, in germantown, maryland. i miss you and i wish i could be there with you. love you.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. things getting going slowly but surely. the sun not quit out yet but give it a minute or two or more. he is known for his role in historical dramas and comedies and got some of his best reviews for the king's speech. >> now, colin firth is starring in tinker, tailor, soldier,
5:25 am
spy. >> he talked with kevin mccarthy about getting immersed in the characters he plays even if their time on the screen is relatively short. >> you've played so many great characters through outyour career do the characteristics of those caches stay with you. do you ever find in your dailily life, something might come back to you. >> i think something of that happens to every actor without becoming psychotic about it. i think that there are some very prosaic reasons for that. i just think if you train yourself to do something or to change a habit or a speech pattern or the way you walk, it can stick with you. that is how people learn sports and play instruments is through repetitious exercise. if you commit yourself to doing that in character, then, yeah, you will either find it hard to shake off or part it was might stay with you forever. >> this is an interesting film because there are a lot of twists and turns. as an actor, you read the scripts. you know what is going to happen.
5:26 am
you know where the twists and turns are going to be. when you play the sequences out, without giving anything away, are you ever worried about am i giving too much away here? >> yes, it does cross your mind. once you are in a moment, it has to be about the moment. i think our job is to create a moment in time which is virtual. we all know it is not real hi -- not really that moment for that person but you have to completely occupy it as if it is. the reality of that home as to be all important. anything that happens out of that has to come as a surprise, even what you yourself say might be a surprise and that is where you have to get to if you can. and particularly something like tinker tailor, where i only show up about five times in the movie and have about three minutes of screen time. everything that gets said down
5:27 am
to the last hand gesture is of great significance because the film is so delicately poised. everything that happens can divert it one way or the other. >> did you ever end up seeing the pg 13 king's speech? >> no, can't imagine what that looks like. >> got that in at the end. >> yeah. >> kevin has a bounty of celebrity interviews coming up. let's talk about what else is coming up. one of the largest airlines serving this area is placing a -- what is going on here? all right placing a massive order all in one effort to save on fuel. up next, let's head out in the field and stacy cohan. >> reporter: a federal agency
5:28 am
wants you to put your cell phone away completely while you are driving. i'll tell you all about the tough new recommendations coming up. 
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5:30 am
. this is pretty this morning on this wednesday morning. we look at the capitol front and center on your tv screen this morning. sound like the temperatures will stay steady, comparable to
5:31 am
yesterday with a little change in the sunshine amount. >> basically, steve just gave you the forecast. you got it. temperatures in the low 50s expected later today but we'll have more cloud cover. let's get right to it. we'll check it off with temperatures. the temperatures up a little bit this morning with the cloud cover out there. 40degrees right now in washington at reagan national. still some temperatures flirting with the freezing mark out at dulles. 33degrees. cull pep are is 30. so there are some areas that are at or below freezing. check out ocean city now. 33degrees for you. and 36 in fredericksburg. all right. looking at our forecast temperature for today. 40 right now in washington as mentioned. want to mention the winds. currently out of the north. they will be shifting out of the south later today and that will allow this warmer air to move in not only for today but for tomorrow as well up ahead of a cold front. our temperature will surge tomorrow into the upper 50s. we'll be in for at least
5:32 am
temperature-wise nice conditions over the next couple of days. cloudy today but dry. highs again in the low 50s. we'll get rain showers moving in tomorrow. more details on that coming up in just a minute. let's get your on-time traffic traffic now with julie wright. >> good morning, guys. we are now checking for accident activity on 95 as you work your way over towards 32. heads up. they are looking both north and southbound so traveling to and from bwi this morning, to and from baltimore, heads up if this is your commute. on the south side of 295, your lanes are open coming in out of laurel. no problem spots to report there. your lanes are open if you are continuing on 395 north of duke street headed up to the 14th street bridge. earlier incident we showed you here on the shoulder has cleared so again, lanes are open working your way northbound leaving landmark as you continue out towards the potomac. you will find 66 in good shape right now. no problem leaving fair oaks for the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. another big story this
5:33 am
morning. a federal agency pushing state lawmaker across the country to ban cell phone use by drivers. >> we are even talking hands- free devices. stacy cohan is live in alexandria with the details. >> reporter: this is a dramatic effort but remember, distracted driving is climbing among the list of concerns of what is causing accidents. it is even rivalling drunk driving in some areas and that what is has led the ntsb to make this dramatic recommendation. they are calling for a full-on ban of all use of cell phones behind the wheel. now, while it is just a recommendation, think about it. when you are texting and driving, it can take your eyes away from the roads for as men as five seconds. a recent study shows that one out of every 100 drivers is either texting or e-mailing. the ntsb deciding that hands- free devices were not sufficient to cause you to pay enough attention to make it safe to use these cell phones while you were driving. >> cell phone use and texting, it is just so pervasive in our
5:34 am
society. if people really are almost addicted to the devices and so just like drunk driving or smoking, it is going to take a time for people to recognize the dangers and also how to curb those risky behaviors. we need the laws. we need education and we need enforcement. >> reporter: in our area several years ago, there was an accident on the gw parkway involving a bus driver who was on the cell phone talking and got into a terrible crash. about a dozen kids were injured. there was a horrible crash in missouri that happened last year. apparently a teenager was texting while driving a pickup truck. two people died in that crash. now, this is just a recommendation and each jurisdiction will be left to make their own decisions. here locally, are not allowed to tech and drive in either d.c., maryland or virginia. but in virginia, you may still hold your phone to your ear while driving. the commonwealth does not yet race for the cure a hand-free device. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan.
5:35 am
back to you. the government shutdown continues now. the house of representatives -- a showdown, i should say. the house of representatives passed a controversial version of the payroll tax cut extension. it is unlikely it will get through the senate because of a requirement to build an oil pipeline between canada and texas. democrats say this is a special interest that costs taxpayers too much money. the occupy d.c. movement is being accused of damming mcpherson square. california representative darryl issa has sent a letter to the exterior secretary pushing for the national park service to enforce the no camping rule. just last year, more than
5:36 am
$400,000 was spent refurbishing mcpherson square. re. former penn state football coach jerry sandusky ended up waiving his right day hearing yesterday that would have included testimony from at least some of sandusky's reported victims of sexual abuse. according to sandusky's attorney, that is why he decided to skip the whole thing. prosecutors will now have to share the evidence against sandusky quicker and will not raise his bail. >> heard a recitation of the allegations without realistically accountable to cross-examine the witnesses who testify as to their credibility. as all of you know, credibility is going to be the main factor in this case. >> sandusky said he would stay the course, fight for four quarters and wait to tell his side of the story. two penn state administrators
5:37 am
will be in court fly for their pretrial hearings on charges of perjury and failure to report under the child protective services law. a major drug bust at dulles. street value, nearly half a million bucks. details are next. a megamansion belonging to an r & b star up for auction. investors don't care too much into the fed's laid back approach on helping the economy. the dow and nasdaq fell in trading late in the day tuesday. asian stocks including the nikkei down as well. time is 5:37. back after this.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind.
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sit welcome back to fox 5 morning news this wednesday morning. looking outside, can you make out the capitol dome there. it will be a beautiful day, certainly a great day for shopping if you haven't gotten
5:45 am
that done yet. the nearly 1,000 single soldiers who live on fort belvoir are getting a little taste of home thanks in part to virginia first lady marine mcdonnell. the wives governor bob mcdonnell was on the base to help pack bundles of home baked cookies to give to the soldiers on base. >> very nice. >> tucker has a look at the forecast. >> a great day for shopping. what is a day not good for shopping. >> i can't think of one. >> there haven't that many good days for shopping when i was at the mall. >> what? >> i want a few days ago. i was wandering. i couldn't find a parking spot. yew go in with the hustle and bustle and touching things. >> this is why we are all different people. >> exactly. didn't have the same experience. let's get right to the temperatures. let you know it is going to be a mild day today. not going to feel like christmas out there as our temperatures will be back into
5:46 am
the 50s later this afternoon. but more cloud cover moving in here and eventually some rain showers. i don't think today or tonight but as we get into tomorrow, we'll have rain showers back into the forecast. let's do it. at reagan national, 40 degrees now. 40 in washington. temperatures generally about 10 degrees wormer than they were 24 hours ago. that being said, we still have some cool spots. gaithersburg, currently 36 degrees. 30 in manassas. dulles is 33. in southern maryland, good morning, 39 in leonardtown. temperatures starting offer a little warmer and we should be in for a mild afternoon. highs expected to be in the low 50s. we have some cloud cover on the horizon and it will be a mostly cloudy day today. yesterday turned out to be just beautiful with lots of sunshine. even with the cloud cover, our temperatures will be on the warm side as our winds will shift here out of the south and southwest. i know it looks rather ominous. look like rain is moving in later today. this rain shower activity will be held to the west as we're
5:47 am
going to have an area of high pressure that will block it here at least temporarily. this is a warm front. out to the wets, we have a cold front that. combination will bring us in showers late tonight, early tomorrow and during the day on thursday. and an area of low pressure passes off to the north and west. futurecast will do a nice job showing you what is going to be happening. notice the cloud cover thickening up around here. later tonight, clouds will kind of be hit and miss around before the showers move in. there we are tomorrow at noon. showers move in tomorrow and then the cold front will move through tomorrow afternoon and generally bring us some cooler and drier air by friday and by the weekend. 52 today. more clouds than sun. a few peeks of sunshine here for the first part of your day but still mild. 52 your daytime high. winds out of the north. they will be shifting out of the south. our overnight hoes will be in the 40s in the city, upper 30s if you are outside the beltway. so it will be a mild overnight. this is your five-day.
5:48 am
tomorrow, showers in the forecast. 58? yeah! i think we'll be flirting with 60s across parts of the area. saturday, sunday, if you are shopping, it look ideal with temperatures in the 40s, lots of sunshine both days. let's do some traffic with julie wright. what's going on. >> i just want you to know that not only can i high pressure you get around the beltway, i can help you get around any mall just like that. >> i know you can. >> how do you get lost in the mall. >> you have to show me how to get a good parking spot. just hang out at the coach store in the mall. you'll be fine. >> okay. >> we were talking about this last time around. we found the accident southbound i-59 before you reach 32. got the right side of the roadblocked off right now. coming southbound leaving 175, heads up at this location. they are also check for an accident along southbound 270 on the ram top 118 here in german up two. heads up as you work your way out of germantown trying to head into towards gaithersburg. your lanes are open coming across the american legion bridge. no trouble spots to report right here coming out of montgomery county headed down
5:49 am
into fairfax. lanes there are open and 66 picking up some volume now as you work your way out of manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a warning for anybody driving a car with a keyless ignition. the federal government is becoming more concerned not because they don't work but because they could be putting people in danger. beth parker shows us how it end the one local man's life. >> reporter: joel pitt will always remember the final words he said to his father. >> my last covering with my dad was i'll see out sunday for the game. >> reporter: retired montgomery county school superintendent harry pitt wasn't around to watch his beloved redskins. he died december 3rd at his home in rockville. >> he parked, pulled into his garage, stepped out of his car. >> that car had a keyless ignition. apparently without realizing, it pitt had left the car running in the garage under his town house. medical examiner says he died of carbon monoxide poisoning. the nationals highway traffic
5:50 am
safety administration says as more and more car manufacturers go keyless, a safety issue is emerging. now, they say they could reduce the number of carbon monoxide poisonings by requiring that each car have an alarm, a sound that you would hear in you tried to walk away without turning the car off. they say you could also reduce the number of roll away accidents when a car just rolls forward if the same sort of audible alert let people know they were trying to turn the car off before put it in park. there have been some swayings where the gazarek gas pedal was struck tuned down and they tried to shut it off by hitting power button but they didn't hold the button down quite long enough. they want to standardize the buttons so that in an
5:51 am
emergency, the car would immediately turn off with just one quick touch. joel pitt says keyless cars should have a fail safe shutoff. >> if you are far enough away from the car, whether that the 20 feet or 50 feet that it would automatically shut it down and this would not only have prevented my father's situation but the other situations that you see around the country. >> reporter: pitt says it is time for a national conversation. it won't save his dad but it might save someone else. >> pitt says this is also a good reminder to make sure you have working carbon monoxide detectors in your home. those proposed car manufacturer requirements were just posted on monday. now is the time for the public to comment and help to shape those new rules. the end of an era for one local family-owned business. up next this, hardware store has been around if nearly a century. now, it is the latest victim of the rough economy. we'll have the story. first, want to day good
5:52 am
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the presidential dollar. is the latest victim of washington's cost cutting effort. the white house announced it will stop nearly all production of the coin. effort will save taxpayers some $50 million a year in production and storage costs. the economy has claimed another local family owned business. >> mizell hard war and lumber will close its doors for good this friday. audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: some of jeneen mizell's fondest memories are from the hardware store. >> my father worked here from 1947 until he pass away in 19846789 my brother and i have been running the business ever since. >> reporter: little the kind of place where can you find that
5:56 am
unusual screw or bolt and get and honest opinion about your to do list. >> you are welcome to come around back and look at those. >> mizell delivered lumber to the white house back in the day. four generations of mizells can no longer compete with the likes home depot or the economy. the store closes for good this friday. >> it is i think one of the biggest shocks actually of my life because i've been coming in here my entire life. so it is sort of like a slow death. >> reporter: bob, who has been shopping here for 39 years never thought this day wo >> it is close, it is neighborhood and they most always had what i wanted. >> reporter: yes, sire is one of only two employees to have a new job to go to. >> kind of sad to see it go but what can you do? progress, i guess. >> reporter: progress that means the end of another home up two business.
5:57 am
jeneen had hoped to pass it on to her kids. >> all my children are really very upset about this development. my son is stud youing business in college and he was contemplate pleating -- contemplating coming in and running his great-grandfather's business and now they don't have the opportunity. we still have plenty ahead. all of your top stories plus weather and traffic. first, you are helping us decorate the fox 5 christmas industry. and these beautiful ornaments come to us courtesy of julie chechi and she says they are homemade. she said this is the second straight year she has crked to the fox 5 tree. i want to thank her for that. she says blessings to all for the new year and to holly and her new baby. -- she said this is the second
5:58 am
straight year she has contributed to the fox 5 tree. stay with us. we'll be right back. turnrns to winter and brings in the cold. because of our economy, millions more will feel that chill than ever before.
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